Workplace First Aid

About 2,900 people die in work-related accidents in Australia every year.

All workplaces must provide access to first aid facilities, and at least one designated person responsible for those facilities.

If you have been designated the First Aid Officer then you should make sure that you are properly trained and that the first aid facilities are always well stocked and ready for use in the case of an emergency.

The person designated as the workplace First Aid Officer should hold a current First Aid Certificate. A number of first aid certificate courses are available throughout Australia. First aid qualifications can and do expire, so refresher training for first aid attendants will be necessary.

All staff should be made aware of who the designated first aid person in the workplace is. If the first aid kit is not located near the First Aid Officers then their names and contact telephone number should be listed inside the first aid kit box in a visible area.

What is required?

The type of first aid facilities required in your workplace are determined by:

  • the laws and regulation of the state or territory you live in;
  • the type of industry you work in (industries such as mining may have specific industry regulations detailing specialised instructions);
  • the type of hazards present in your workplace;
  • the number of employees in your workplace;
  • the number of different locations that your workplace is spread over;
  • the proximity to local services (doctors, hospital, ambulance).

The first aid facility should meet the needs of your workplace. Facilities can include first aid kits or sick rooms.